Sishya School,
Thally Road,Hosur-635109,
Tamil Nadu.
Phone: 04344-266668

Salient Features of Sishya


  • Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences- incorporated into the teaching plans and methodology
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives-adopted into teaching-learning strategies
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs addressed through Circle Time/ the Counseling Centre and a unique Discipline policy
  • Learning Centers-like Linguistic, Art, Discovery, manipulative Centers - for multi sensorial learning in Kindergarten section
  • KG curriculum-Designed with assessment and evaluation, based on cognitive, Numeracy, Literacy, Aesthetics, Social & Emotional development
  • Language lab- for honing of languages skill such as-Accent training,Pronunciation, Recitation & Focused listening
  • A Math lab-To develop the experimental temperament of the students with authentic hands on experience of Maths concepts
  • AV Labs with LCD projectors/ Smart Board facility for audio visual teaching.
  • No Homework Policy till class II with CCE till class X
  • Support Classes to specially address the Gifted-the Average and the Weak
  • Special remedial Programmes for low achievers
  • Active parental involvement in school Programmes and as resource support
  • Emphasis on term wise customer feedback from parents / students with effective action plans to address issues raised
  • Class room management systems to promote effective learning such as Daily journal entry and time management, Chit system to ensure equal opportunity for student participation
  • Monthly interclass Bulletin Board competitions to promote classroom aesthetics, creativity, equal opportunity, group dynamism
  • Monthly Open Forum meeting for teachers convened by teachers with democratic decision making by teachers on critical school issues
  • Morning assembly managed by teachers and students with focus on 100% participation by students and teachers
  • Selection of office bearers with specific portfolios to address various School issues
  • Awards to motivate teachers and students in scholastic and non-scholastic achievements
Unique Features
Inclusive education: (Special Education Center)

The school strongly subscribes to Inclusive Education and took the initiative in this direction from 2002-2003 wherein Dr.Gayathri Krishna of Brindavan Psycho Education Centre set up the Resource Centre in Sishya School as a boon to the Slow Learner. Teaching patterns were incorporated without emphasis on speed,-rather the emphasis was on mastery of concepts at a desirable and comfortable pace of the child. Evaluation is therefore never in terms of pass or fail but based on successful completion of tasks.

A Unique Discipline Policy( Code of conduct)

The school has abolished corporal punishment in the school and has created its discipline policy of rewards versus withdrawal of privileges as an alternative. Every year the students as well as teachers are reinforced of discipline policy by conducting orientation programme. 

Some of the major ones are listed below:

Theme for a Year

The school works on a theme for a year and encourages the children to explore. All possible dimensions of the selected theme are further displayed on Bulletin Boards and reflected in all the competitions and programmes. 


  • Sanskriti
  • One Earth One People
  • Freedom for Growth
  • One for All-All for One
  • Cherishing the 4th R-Relationships
  • Harmony
  • Love All, Serve All
  • Duty through Dignity and Discipline

Annual Day Themes for Kindergarten to Lower Primary Sections:

  • Rainbow Raptures
  • Fluttering Fantasies
  • Glittering Galaxy
  • Blooming Buds
Societal Outreach

Interact Club: The school is an active member of the Interact Club of the Rotary Club, Hosur.The students democratically elect leaders and charter their programmes ranging from collecting funds for Leprosy Eradication, Polio Plus, Blood Donation Camps, donating funds to orphanage etc.,


National Green Corps: Through the National Greens Corps, the students participate in environment awareness programmes in and around the school by tree planting, removal of plastics, maintenance of compost pit and vermiculture, maintenance of the Herbal Garden in the school etc.,


Junior Red Cross Club: The school is a member of the St.John’s Ambulance and focuses on first aid training of the students.


Bharath Scouts and Guides: The school has enrolled as a member of the Bharath Scouts and Guides, Tamilnadu The Principal, Mrs. Vasanthi Thiagarajan is the District Commissioner (Guides) Hosur Educational District.