Sishya School,
Mugalur Campus,D. Baranthur,Hosur Taluk, Krishnagiri District-635110,
Tamil Nadu.
Phone: 9488130702, 8903194702, 7598197569

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Vision Mission


Aims and Objectives of the School

  • To raise the level of general education standards in Hosur Taluk region of Krishnagiri District
  • To bring about all-round development in the pupils based on individual aptitudes and to mould the pupils’ personality to self-perfection
  • To develop the personal creativity in every child rather than concentration on acquisition of book knowledge and “Rote Memory”
  • Further to basic education, to train the student in a particular trade to support the student after school education if necessary
  • To impart and inculcate real values of life in the younger generation



The Trustees, the School Principal as well as all the staff, students and parents are aware that the school subscribes to a host of values that need to be demonstrable and credible to all stakeholders. 

Some of the major ones are listed below:

  • Integrity demonstrated in all transactions-financial and academic
  • Respecting all individuals irrespective of caste, creed, religion etc
  • Providing equal opportunity for all individuals to grow to their potential
  • Respecting the values enshrined in the Indian Constitution
  • Civility and cheerfulness: courtesy and politeness in action or speech
  • Compassion, kindness and generosity: concern for suffering or distress of others and response to their feelings and needs
  • Courtesy and cooperation: recognition of mutual interdependence with others resulting in polite treatment and respect for them
  • Self-Esteem: pride and belief in oneself and in achievement of one's potential
  • Work Ethics like punctuality, cooperation, dependability, diligence, taking pride in one’s worth and the worth of others
  • Taking pride in maintaining the school environment